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blackbelt Train Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & Self Defense Near Downey   30 Days Free!DON’T BECOME A VICTIM!… Learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & Self Defense in Downey, CA 90239, 90240, & 90241!

Times are tough and the streets get rougher year after year. It seems like one could never be too prepared or
be able to afford lacking the confidence and self-defense training it takes to be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones if a serious situation were to arise.

There is no better feeling than being able to walk down the street and know that you have the proper training and self confidence to defend/protect yourself! It is “PRICELESS!”

Time is short and we only have one life to live. When considering where to invest your time and hard earned money into proper training program/school being well informed is crucial in making the right decision! This is why we take the guessing out of the guess work out of the equation and give a FREE 30 Day Trial!

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We will let you try our Elite Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness program for FREE for a 30 days.

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We work really around the clock to make sure ALL our members get the VIP treatment and earn your trust to make it Easy for you to decide where to invest your time and Gain the proper knowledge … from the Best Instructors and the Best School around.

“Procrastination” is most people’s worst enemy …

It is what can determine whether people you become a champion, become healthy and fit or make it out on Top in a real life situation, Especially where your life & safety could be at risk!

At New Breed Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & Fitness we have been able to help over 100 our members become elite athletes & Champions …
Winning and competing in the most prestigious events around! You’ll get to meet some of these success stories when you come in for your first visit. If you ever have had the desire of: Getting started in Martial Arts … Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life … Becoming Super Confident …
Being Part of a Winning Team … Discovering what it takes to become a Leader … or Simply becoming a More Likeable and Appealing Individual.

Imagine what you would be like after just a few months of being involved in a program like this?

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I can tell that you DO WANT to be Successful, a Champion, a WINNER! YOU Deserve to become more and reach your full potential and being able to do your very best to Achieve the Goal and Dreams you’ve set for yourself. This means getting started with the #1 Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy in the Los Angeles / Downey Area.

We have been showing our members how to achieve success and producing champions for OVER 10 Years!

One of the main purpose for our FREE 30 Day Trial is to give people like you a chance to come and see first hand if our program is right for you … All for free … no obligation … no hassles. We keep it Simple, Fun and Entertaining!
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- Johnny Ramirez

Head Coach, New breed Academy

New Breed Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu-jitsu & Fitness Academy

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